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  1. Classical Guitar
  2. Acoustic Guitar
  3. Classical Piano - AMEB Pianoforte
  4. Contemporary / Modern Piano (Play professionally or for pleasure)
  5. Music Theory, Sight Reading and Aural
  6. Song-writing arrangements
With all instruments taught, regular ear training with pitch and rhythm will be included. Remember that half of being a good musician is having the ability to listen and not only play.

Classical guitar

The classical guitar is made out of nylon strings and can sometimes be referred to as the 'Spanish' guitar. It's the perfect guitar for absolute beginners and perhaps a little easier on the fingers when playing (unlike the acoustic steel strings).  The classical guitar is most often the better guitar to purchase for children starting out, as well as adults. 

There are a number of different models, brands and price ranges to choose from and really it boils down to what you can afford to purchase.

Playing classical guitar is a rewarding style of music to learn and practice. Rest assured your reading and theory in music will also be a major part of your skill set. You can sit for the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) exams and learn contrasting pieces, technical skills and exercises that are designed to progress your level grade by grade, starting from Preliminary.

Classical guitar is great for adults, kids or high school students wanting to take up guitar as one of their major instruments in their music studies at school or for HSC. It's also encouraged to sit for AMEB exams.

LESSONS AVAILABLE: Private, 6-week Beginner's Course or Group Guitar (Beginner)

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        Learn Guitar Privately Or With A Group       

acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar or semi-acoustic guitar (is like an electric guitar and allows you to plug into an amplifier if you wish to) is a popular and ideal guitar for beginners and players wanting to play any style of music; pop/rock/alternative/blues/country etc.

The acoustic guitar naturally produces a strong sound that can be easily heard and it's the type of guitar most singer-songwriters take around with them when performing, touring or jamming. Made out of steel strings you can sometimes find the acoustic 12-string guitar which is used for players wanting a difference in play. 

Many adult students start off with an acoustic guitar so they can enjoy the tone it brings to the songs they like to play and learn. Well known artists who are often seen playing the acoustic guitar style is Tommy Emmanuel.

Just like classical guitars, there are many brands, makes and models of acoustic guitars and it really depends on your budget as to which one you'd like to purchase. Good brands include Yamaha, Takamine and Washburn and even some not-so-well-known brands have great sounds. Feel free to chat with me about an acoustic guitar for you to start on.

LESSONS AVAILABLE: Private, 6-week Beginner's Course or Group Guitar (Beginner/Intermediate)

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classical piano - ameb pianoforte

Classical Piano is as rewarding as it is challenging to learn, and ensuring you have a good practice program is an important part of progressing and playing classical piano music. Based upon the teaching methods of the AMEB, learning classical piano and preparing for the exams is a structured way of getting to the top. This doesn't mean that you have to sit for all the exams to be a great classical pianist, but more often than not, many students will take this route. It ensures both practical and theoretical skills are acquired and fully covered.

When learning classical piano, patience, discipline and practice are important attributes in ensuring the pieces are played well and enjoyable to listen to. It is with classical music that students can gain the added advantage of knowing music theory outside your school's classroom. A great instrument and style to explore and you can even start from as young as 4 years old.

It's another popular instrument to play and learn especially from a young age. Classical piano can take years of practice to master, but most certainly it's a great way to get good grades in music class!

LESSONS AVAILABLE: Private or  6-week Beginner's Course

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Contemporary / moden piano playing encompasses the various styles of pop, rock, jazz, blues and musical theatre. Whether you're looking to play solo, accompany singers, play in a band, write songs or for pure pleasure, we'll structure a program that suits your outcome.

When learning contemporary / modern piano, you'll be taught how to read music, play scales, riffs, chords, voicings, improvisation, solo-ing and much more. Whether you're looking to be a professional soloist, play in a band or for loved ones, a comprehensive outline and practice regime will be established.

Plus you don't need an old fashioned piano to learn this style; digital pianos and portable keyboards are popular to learn on. They're easier to move around and take to gigs or performances. Even grand pianos now exist in digital form.

LESSONS AVAILABLE: Private or 6-week Beginner's Course

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Enhance your musical knowledge and understanding with dedicated music theory and aural lessons. Well structured and graded AMEB Theory of Music and Musicianship lessons are available through Sandra Lie Music Tuition. From here you'll have the opportunity to sit for the exams and progress through each grade successfully. Aural is also included in all theory and musicianship lessons to improve your listening skills.

LESSONS AVAILABLE: Private or 6-week Beginner's Course

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